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Section: Dissemination

Teaching and Scientific Diffusion


Table 1.
Iovka Boneva 192 hoursbachelor
Anne-Cécile Caron 192 hoursbachelor and masters
Jérôme Champavère 48 hoursbachelor
Rémi Gilleron 192 hoursmasters
Aurélien Lemay 192 hoursbachelor and masters
Joachim Niehren 65 hoursbachelor and masters
Yves Roos 192 hoursbachelor and masters
Sławek Staworko 96 hoursbachelor and masters
Marc Tommasi 192 hoursmasters
Sophie Tison 96 hoursmasters

Caron is responsible of the master IPI-NT of Univ. Lille, since 2009.

Gilleron is responsible of the master MIASHS'.

Lemay is coordinating computer science teaching at UFR LEA.

Tommasi is responsible of the GIDE branch of the master ICD of Univ. Lille.

Roos is responsible of the Miage Master of Univ. Lille.

Master lectures at the University of Lille

International Master lectures

Master projects

J. Decoster , relational learning for classifying, transforming, and extracting information from XML documents. Supervised by Gilleron and Torre .

PhD theses

PhD committees

Habilitation committees


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