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Section: Other Grants and Activities

International Cooperations

Sydney. S Maneth, a senior researcher from NICTA in Sydney (Australia), visited Mostrare for three weeks in September. We started a joint work on a new learning algorithm for top-down deterministic tree to tree transducers. Given that Maneth is also an expert on XML querying languages, the cooperation with his group yields an opportunity for the creation of an associated inria team.

Oxford. A cooperation with M. Benedikt and Gabriele Puppis from Oxford (England) on XML streaming has been started in 2009, around the PhD project of Gauwin.

Leuven and Hasselt. A cooperation of Niehren with J. van den Bussche from the University in Hasselt and M. Bruynooghe from the University of Leuven on minimization of tree automata is under way.

Girona. Niehren cooperates with M. Villaret form the University of Girona (Spain). He presented his master lecture on Foundations of XML there.

Frankfurt and Saarbrücken. Niehren continues his collaboration with M. Schmidt-Schauß and D. Sabel from Frankfurt and J. Schwinghammer from Saarbrücken on the semantics of concurrent programming languages.

Rostock and Bologna. Niehren co-supervised with L. Uhrmacher from the University of Rostock (Germany), the PhD project of M. John. The research will be pursued in collaboration with C. Versari from Bologna (Italy).


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