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Section: Application Domains


XML transformations are basic to data integration: HTML to XML transformations are useful for information extraction from the Web; XML to XML transformations are useful for data exchange between Web services or between peers or between databases. Doan and Halevy [32] survey novel integration tasks that appear with the Semantic Web and the usage of ontologies. Therefore, the semi-automatic generation of XML transformations is a challenge in the database community and in the semantic Web community.

Also, XML transformations are useful for document processing. For instance, there is need of designing transformations from documents organized w.r.t visual format (HTML , DOC , PDF ) into documents organized w.r.t. semantic format (XML according to a DTD or a schema). The semi-automatic design of such transformations is obviously a very challenging objective.

Furthermore, quite some activities of Mostrare concern efficient evaluation of XPath queries on XML documents and XML streams. XPath is fundamental to all XML standards, in particular to XQuery, XSLT, and XProc.


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