Team Moscova

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Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
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Section: Dissemination

Animation of research

J.-J. Lévy is director of the Microsoft Research-INRIA Joint Centre, see . He participated to the renewal of the Microsoft Research-INRIA agreement for next 4 years. He organised the Forum 2009 on 28 January 2009, whch presented results of the Joint Centre after 2 years of intensive research. In 2009, he chaired 3 Management Committees with representatives of INRIA and Microsoft Research Cambridge.

L. Maranget is elected member of Comité technique paritaire of Inria, 1 meeting every 2 months about the general politics of Inria.

J.-J. Lévy is member of the Scientific Committee of the “Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris” and participates to corresponding meetings.

J.-J. Lévy is member of the Program Committee of Digiteo as representative of INRIA–Paris-Rocquencourt.

J.-J. Lévy co-edited the book in memory of Gilles Kahn [18] .

F. Zappa Nardelli is the correspondent of the ANR ParSec Project for the Moscova project-team.

F. Zappa Nardelli is the correspondent of the equipes associées MM .

F. Zappa Nardelli served in the CR recruiting committee of INRIA Saclay–Île-de-France.


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