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Section: New Results

Weak Memory Models

Participants : Jade Alglave, Luc Maranget, Giulio Manzonetto, Peter Sewell [ U. of Cambridge ] , Susmit Sekar [ U. of Cambridge ] , Francesco Zappa Nardelli.

Multiprocessors are now dominant, but real multiprocessors do not provide the sequentially consistent memory that is assumed by most work on semantics and verification. Instead, they have subtle relaxed (or weak) memory models, usually described only in ambiguous prose, leading to widespread confusion.

We developed rigourous and accurate semantics for multiprocessor programs above three architectures: x86, Power, and ARM. Each covers the relaxed memory model, instruction semantics, and instruction decoding, for fragments of the instruction sets, and is mechanised in HOL or Coq.

This work is also done in collaboration with Scott Owens, Tom Ridge, Mark Batty (Cambridge University), and Samin Isthiaq (Microsoft Research Cambridge), Jaroslav Ševčík (Edinburgh University) and Derek Williams (IBM).


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