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Section: Software


Participants : Xavier Clerc, Luc Maranget.

JoCaml is an implementation of the join-calculus integrated into Objective Caml (developed by team Gallium). With respect to previous join-language prototypes the most salient feature of the new prototype is a better integration into Objective Caml. We achieve binary compatibility with Objective Caml, and plan releases that will follow Objective Caml releases. See previous years reports for details on JoCaml. JoCaml is avaible at . Current version is 3.11.1 (released in June).

Xavier Clerc, INRIA engineer, now works part-time on JoCaml. The objective is to extend the JoCaml library to provide easier access to concurrency and distribution. In particular Xavier Clerc wrote:

  1. a set of library fonctions to clone JoCaml program,

  2. a package a la map/reduce .

These extensions will be included in the next release of JoCaml.


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