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Section: Application Domains

Oceanography and the Ocean-Atmosphere System

Participants : Didier Auroux, Éric Blayo, Pierre-Antoine Bouttier, Claire Chauvin, David Cherel, Laurent Debreu, Marc Honnorat, Christine Kazantsev, Eugène Kazantsev, François-Xavier Le Dimet, Bénédicte Lemieux-Dudon, Emilie Neveu, Maëlle Nodet, Antoine Rousseau, Arthur Vidard, Franck Vigilant, Olivier Titaud.

Understanding and forecasting the ocean circulation is currently the subject of an intensive research effort by the international scientific community. This effort was primarily motivated by the crucial role of the ocean in determining the earth's climate, particularly from the perspective of global change. In addition, important recent research programs are aimed at developing operational oceanography, i.e. near real-time forecasting of ocean circulation, with applications for ship routing, fisheries, weather forecasting, etc. Another related field is coastal oceanography, dealing for example with pollution, littoral planning, or the ecosystems management. Local and regional agencies are currently very interested in numerical modelling systems for coastal areas.

Both ocean-alone models and coupled ocean-atmosphere models are being developed to address these issues. In this context, the MOISE project-team conducts efforts mainly on the following topics:

Most of these studies are led in strong interaction with geophysicists, in particular from the Laboratoire des Ecoulements Géophysiques et Industriels (LEGI, Grenoble).


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