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Actions Funded by the EC

F. Forbes and S. Girard are members of the Pascal Network of Excellence.

S. Girard is a member of the European project (Interuniversity Attraction Pole network) “Statistical techniques and modelling for complex substantive questions with complex data”,

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mistis is involved in a new three-year European project (STREP) starting from January 2010, named HUMAVIPS (Humans ables with auditory and visual abilities in populated spaces) coordinated by Radu Horaud from INRIA team Perception. The other partners are the Czech Technical University CTU Czech Republic, Aldebaran Robotics ALD France, Idiap Research Institute Idiap Switzerland and Bielefeld University BIU Germany. The goal is to develop humanoid robots with integrated audio-visual perception systems and social skills, capable of handling multi-party conversations and interactions with people in realtime.


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