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Section: Software

The TESS software

Participant : Florence Forbes.

Joint work with: Francois, O. (TimB, TIMC) and Chen, C. (former post-doctoral fellow in Mistis).

TESS is a computer program that implements a Bayesian clustering algorithm for spatial population genetics. Is it particularly useful for seeking genetic barriers or genetic discontinuities in continuous populations. The method is based on a hierarchical mixture model where the prior distribution on cluster labels is defined as a Hidden Markov Random Field [52] . Given individual geographical locations, the program seeks population structure from multilocus genotypes without assuming predefined populations. TESS takes input data files in a format compatible to existing non-spatial Bayesian algorithms (e.g. STRUCTURE). It returns graphical displays of cluster membership probabilities and geographical cluster assignments from its Graphical User Interface.

The functionalities and the comparison with three other Bayesian Clustering programs are specified in the following publication:


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