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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry


Participants : Tung Le Thanh, Yujune Chen, Weiran Yuan, Thibault Luginbühl, André Gagalowicz.

MIRAGES got an important funding from the ANR (French Research Funding Agency) through the RNTL programme. The aim of this project is to design, a first prototype of a virtual try-on system which will allow any person to buy garments through Internet. The client will have the possibility to choose the type and style of garment and the kind of the textile material and to see himself/herself in 3D wearing the chosen garment. This raises very difficult and fascinating scientific problems that we will have to solve. This project is coordinated by Telmat (a company building 3D scanners for human persons), La Redoute (the biggest garment distributor in France) brings its expertise in the contacts and interfaces with the clients, Nadine Corrado serves as the expert on garment design. Nadine Corrado is a Fashion Creator; we collaborate on the validation of our 3D simulation of garments software. She is a potential end-user and also brought us a lot of information about garment conception. We are presently testing the 2D pre-positioning software which has to be connected with her design software. LMPT (university laboratory specialized in the mechanics of textile) will furnish physical data for the garment simulator developed by MIRAGES.


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