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Section: New Results

Free surface flows

Participants : Tony Lelièvre, Atsushi Suzuki.

In collaboration with J.-F. Gerbeau, T. Lelièvre have worked on adequate boundary conditions for the moving contact line for free surface flows, see [28] . In a continuation of this work, A. Suzuki and T. Lelièvre are now considering applications of this free surface flow model to microfluidics.

In parallel, T. Lelièvre is working in collaboration with R. Joubaud and A. Ern within the ANR METHODE on using the code which has been developed over the past ten years for free surface flow for application to flows on bumps. The new difficulty is to find proper boundary conditions for free surface flow with inflow and outflow. Two approaches are followed: either finding "transparent boundary conditions", or using periodic boundary conditions.


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