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EGIDE/Procope Project Smyle

Participant : Benedikt Bollig.

Smyle  (Synthesizing Models byLearning from Examples) is a framework for synthesizing design models. The novel aspect of our approach is to exploit learning algorithms. The technical heart of Smyle is a procedure that interactively infers a design model from a given set of positive and negative scenarios provided as message sequence charts (MSCs). Furthermore, on establishing the inconsistency of a set of MSCs, our approach mechanically provides diagnostic feedback (in the form of a counterexample) that can guide the engineer to evolve his requirements. (Project with RWTH Aachen and TU Munich, Germany, funded in 2008 and 2009.)

Details on Smyle can be found at


Most participants of the team participate in the sub-project 4, Formal approaches for computer systems, of the Ile-de-France/Inde project of the ARCUS program (Region Ile-de-France and Foreign Affairs Ministry, France), funded for 3 years (2008 – 2010).


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