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Section: Dissemination

Leadership within scientific community

Guillaume Gravier is the Vice-President of the Association Francophone de la Communication Parlée (AFCP), acting as a liaison with the Intl. Speech Communication Association (ISCA).

Guillaume Gravier is a member of the scientific committee of Powedia, an IRISA start-up in the field of video diffusion on the Web.

Guillaume Gravier is a member of the Administration Board of the Association Francophone de la Communication Parlée (AFCP).

Guillaume Gravier was the organiser of the second ESTER evaluation campaign on the segmentation and transcription of audio contents.

Frédéric Bimbot is the Scientific Leader of the Audio Processing Technology Domain in the QUAERO Project.

Emmanuel Vincent was the chair of the first community-based Signal Separation Evaluation Campaign (SiSEC), co-organized with Shoko Araki (NTT, Japan) and Pau Bofill (University of Catalonia, Spain). The results of the campaign have been published in [56] and presented during a special session of the 8th Int. Conf. on Independent Component Analysis and Signal Separation (ICA 2009). Datasets, evaluation criteria and reference software are available at .

Rémi Gribonval is a member of the International Steering Committee for the ICA conferences, and the Chair of the Steering Committee of the SPARS workshops.

Rémi Gribonval is in charge of the Action "Parcimonie" within the French GDR ISIS on Signal and Image Processing.


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