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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

European Research Contracts

European project GeneAuto

The participant are Airbus Industries, Barco, EADS Astrium, FERIA, B Krates, INRIA, Israel Aircraft Industries, Siemens VDO Automotive (leader), allinn Technical University.

In this project, both industries and universities will seek to develop, use and make better tools and methods for design, development, integration and validation of embedded software-intensive systems. The overall goal of the development project is to create a proper prototype for industrial code generation starting from a diverse set of desktop system development tools in particular Matlab/Simulink/Stateflow and Scilab/scicos. Additional efforts will be necessary after the end of the project to make an industrial product out of this prototype, as well as certification activities for the respective industrial domains.

This ITEA European project started in 2006. Metalau experience in hybrid system modeling, simulation, and Code generation is an important factor in the success of this project.

This contract finished this year and we mainly work on the translator of Scicos diagrams to the latest Gene-Auto intermediate language and a lot of test on the complete code generation tool chain. The full Gene-Auto tool chain including the Scicos interface has been released under the GPL licence.

European project EuroSysLib

The objective is to develop Modelica libraries to make the Modelica language a standard powerful modeling environment. Metalau participates in this project to help shape the hybrid formalism in Modelica and develop associated library components, which can then be used in the Implicit Scicos environment.


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