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Section: New Results

Scicos Kepler

Participants : F. Delebecque, S. Mannori.

EFDA (European Fusion Development Agreement, ) has chosen Kepler ( ) as common platform for the simulations required by the ITER ( ) development.

Kepler is a web simulation environment not particularly focused on digital control and automatic code generation for real time embedded applications. In order to speed up the development of digital controllers and their implementation on physical units, CEA-ITM (Itegrated Tokamak Modelling) team, leaded by Sylvain Bremond, has chosen the METALAU project for the development of Scicos-ITM. Scicos-ITM allow the design and the simulation of advanced digital controllers required for plasma fusion applications. Using recent Roberto Bucher's developments, we have adapted the Scicos-RTAI code generator (derived from the Scicos built-in code generator) to ITM's requirement. Scicos-ITM is now able to produce a Kepler actor (analogous to a Scicos block/superblock) that contains a complete digital controller. Scicos-ITM automatically generate the C code used by FC2K (Fortran, C to Kepler) utility developed by CEA-ITM. We have developed some specific Scicos blocks that allow the data exchange between the Scicos and Kepler. The same code generator is also able to produce a standalone code for the implementation of controllers on physical units (embedded PPC and x86 boards connected with the Tore Supra tokamak, used as test bed platform for ITER). Scicos-ITM has been developed as ScicosLab toolbox using ScicosLab GTK 4.3 and RTAI 3.7.1 as reference codes. The source code is made available to the ITM/EFDA team on a server and locally compiled on a 64bit x86 multicore machine.

The contract will be prolonged in 2010 for further developments and migration to the updated ScicosLab versions.


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