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Section: Software


ScicosLab is a free environment for scientific computation similar in many respects to Matlab/Simulink, providing Matlab functionalities through Scilab 4, and, Simulink and Modelica functionalities via Scicos. ScicosLab is a GTK version of Scilab, based on the Scilab BUILD4 distribution. ScicosLab includes, in addition to the Gtk2 GUI, the maxplus built-in toolbox. Scilab and its predecessor Basile have been developed in the Metalau (formerly Meta2) project. This work has been carried out in close collaboration with J. Ph. Chancelier of ENPC who has made major contributions to Scilab such as the development of the graphics and the port to the Windows platform. The new version 4.4 of ScicosLab has been released in December 2009, in cooperation with ENPC. This release contains the latest developments made for Scicos, mostly code generation.


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