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Section: Other Grants and Activities

Regional initiatives


The CIMENT project (Intensive Computing, Numerical Modeling and Technical Experiments, ) gathers a wide scientific community involved in numerical modeling and computing (from numerical physics and chemistry to astrophysics, mechanics, bio-modeling and imaging) and the distributed computer science teams from Grenoble. Several heterogeneous distributed computing platforms were set up (from PC clusters to IBM SP or alpha workstations) each being originally dedicated to a scientific domain. More than 600 processors are available for scientific computation. The MESCAL project-team provides expert skills in high performance computing infrastructures.

Grappe200 project

MENRT-UJF-INPG, Rhone-Alpes Region, INRIA , ENS-Lyon have funded a cluster composed of 110 bi-processors Itanium2 connected with a Myrinet (donation of MyriCom) high performance network. This project is lead by MESCAL, MOAIS, GRAAL and SARDES. It is part of the CIMENT project which aims at building high performance distributed grids between several research labs (see above).

Cluster Région

The MESCAL project-team is a member of the regional “cluster” project on computer science and applied mathematics, the focus of its participation is on handling large amount of data large scale architecture. Other members of this subproject are the INRIA GRAAL project-team, the LSR-IMAG and IN2P3-LAPP laboratories.


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