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Section: Software

Traces and tools for simulation

Failure Trace Archive

The Failure Trace Archive (FTA, ) is centralized public repository of availability traces of distributed systems, and tools for their analysis. The purpose of this archive is to facilitate the design, validation, and comparison of fault-tolerant models and algorithms. In particular, the FTA contains the following:

SimGrid : simulation of distributed applications

SimGrid implements realistic fluid network models that enable very fast yet precise simulations. SimGrid enables the simulation of distributed scheduling agents, which has become critical for current scheduling research in large-scale platforms.

Sources and documentations of SimGrid are available at the following address .

$ \psi$ and $ \psi$2 : perfect simulation of Markov Chain stationary distribution

$ \psi$ and $ \psi$2 are two software implementing perfect simulation of Markov Chain stationary distributions using the coupling from the past technique. $ \psi$ starts from the transition kernel to derive the simulation program while $ \psi$2 uses a monotone constructive definition of a Markov chain. They are available at .


The main objective of PEPS is to facilitate the solution of large discrete event systems, in situations where classical methods fail. PEPS may be applied to the modeling of computer systems, telecommunication systems, road traffic, or manufacturing systems. The software is available at .


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