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Section: Other Grants and Activities

Visits of Mascotte members to other research institutions

J-C. Bermond:

Visit to LMD, Marseille, France (February 24, 2009);

N. Cohen:

Visit to G-SCOP, Grenoble, France (September 16-18, 2009); Visit to the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, (October 25 – November 11, 2009);

D. Coudert:

LIAFA, Paris, France (January 14, 2009); Alcatel-Lucent Bell labs, Antwerpeen, Belgium, (October 22-23, 2009);

O. Dalle:

Visit to VSIM at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada (July, 21 - July 31, 2009; August 9 - August 20, 2009); Visit to SFU, Vancouver, Canada (August 1-9, 2009); Visit to INRIA/Adam , Lille (June 9-12, 2009); Visit to DAATLE, Gardanne (Nov 24, 2009).

F. Havet:

Visit to LIAFA, Paris, France (February 17-20, 2009); Visit to G-SCOP, Grenoble, France (September 16-18, 2009); Visit to LIA, Federal University of Ceará, Brasil, (November 7–13, 2009);

J-C. Maureira:

Visit to VSIM at Carleton Univeristy, Ottawa, Canada (August, 3-20, 2009);

D. Mazauric:

Visit to UFC (Universidade Federal do Ceará), Fortaleza, Brazil (July 29 - September 2, 2009);

C. Molle:

Visit to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (January 7-February 7, 2009);

J. Monteiro:

Visit to Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, (July 20 - Aug 09, 2009);

N. Nepomuceno:

Visit to Universidade Federal do Ceará, Fortaleza, Brazil, (July 9 - September 1st 2009);

N. Nisse:

Visit to LaBRI, Bordeaux, France (March 9-13, 2009, and November 26- December 5, 2009); Visit to LIFL, EPI Pops , Lille, France (March 5, 2009); Many short visits to LIF, Marseille, France;

S. Pérennes:

Visit to Simon Fraser Univ., School of Computer sciences, Vancouver, Canada (November 3-23, 2009)

J. Ribault:

Visit to ACMES, Evry, France (January 19-23, 2009); Visit to LACL, Créteil, France (April 20-May 1); Visit to Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada (July 27-August 14); Visit to ACMES, Evry, France (September 14-October 2, 2009);

H. Rivano:

Many short visits to CITI lab (INSA Lyon/INRIA) and long stay (September - December);

I. Sau-Valls:

Visit to the Algorithms Research Group of University of Bergen. Bergen, Norway (May 14-21, 2009); Visit to the Research Group on Graph Theory and Combinatorics of UPC, Barcelona, Spain (February 1-8, 2009 and August, 2009).


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