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Section: Other Grants and Activities

European Collaborations

European project IST AEOLUS, Integrated Project IST-015964, 09/2005-02/2010

Participants : Jean-Claude Bermond, David Coudert, Frédéric Giroire, Frédéric Havet, Stéphane Pérennes, Hervé Rivano.

On Algorithmic Principles for Building Efficient Overlay Computers (AEOLUS), in collaboration with 21 European universities and coordinated by University of Patras, Greece.

The recent explosive growth of the Internet gives rise to the possibility of a global computer of grand-scale consisting of Internet-connected computing entities (possibly mobile, with varying computational capabilities, connected among them with different communication media), globally available and able to provide to its users a rich menu of high-level integrated services that make use of its aggregated computational power, storage space, and information resources. Achieving this efficiently and transparently is a major challenge that can be overcome by introducing an intermediate layer, the overlay computer.

The goal of AEOLUS is to investigate the principles and develop the algorithmic methods for building such an overlay computer that enables this efficient and transparent access to the resources of an Internet-based global computer.

Mascotte is the leader of Sub-Project 2 on resource management.

The work within this subproject focuses on the study of fundamental issues for accessing and managing communication resources in an overlay computer. Our research addresses novel and challenging algorithmic issues for efficient resource discovery and querying like construction of overlay networks, query routing and execution, and for sharing critical resources like bandwidth.

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PHC Proteus (with Ljubljana) 01/2009-12/2010

Responsable: Frédéric Havet.

On Graph colouring: theoretical and algorithmic aspects.

PICS CNRS (with Charles University, Prague) 01/2009-12/2012

Responsable: Frédéric Havet.

On Graph colouring: theoretical and algorithmic aspects.


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