Team Mascotte

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
Contracts and Grants with Industry
Other Grants and Activities

Section: Overall Objectives

Highlights of the year

Last year Mascotte has strongly increased both its international and industrial collaborations.

International Collaborations: besides its long standing European collaboration (inside the IST/FET europeean project AEOLUS or bilateral ones), and the associated team with S.F.U. (Canada), a new associated team EWIN with the Universidade Federal do Ceará (Fortaleza, Brazil) has been started.

Industrial collaborations: Mascotte has joined the common laboratory INRIA / Alcatel-Lucent Bell-Labs (participation in the ADR HiMa on autonomous dynamic management of virtual topologies). Mascotte has also got a contract with Alcatel-Lucent Bell-Labs on dynamic compact routing. Mascotte got a financial support of the région PACA to work with two SME's (3-Roam and Avisto) on wireless IP backhaul networks (project RAISOM).

ANR: Four new ANR have been accepted in 2009: AGAPE (on parametrized and exact algorithms); DIMAGREEN (on design and management of green networks), ECOSCells (on efficient cooperating small cells) and GraTel with Taiwan (on graphs for telecommunications).


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