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"Faits comme des rats" Documentary

Participants : Vincent Thomas, Christine Bourjot, Vincent Chevrier.


The modelling of rats' collective behaviour made by Vincent Thomas, Charistine Bourjot and Vincent Chevrier was part of the Philippe Thomine movie "faits comme des rats". This movie, done in the Videoscop - University Nancy 2 institution, presents the biological experiments conducted by Didier Desor regarding the specialization of groups of rats and presents the modelling of this situation made in the MAIA team.

For "Fêtes de la science 2009", an official projection of the movie has been organized where people were invited by Francois Laurent (president of Nancy-University) and Karl Tombre to discuss the movie with Didier Desor and Vincent Thomas after the projection.

Fête de la Science: démo “Vehicules du Futur”

Participants : Olivier Simonin, Alexis Scheuer, Arnaud Glad, François Charpillet.


LORIA - November 2008 - Maia team presented its works on decentralized platooning models and simulation tools, during the two days of Fete de la Science.

Processus décisionnels de Markov en intelligence artificielle

Participants : Olivier Buffet, François Charpillet, Alain Dutech, Bruno Scherrer, Daniel Szer, Simon Le Gloannec.


In the last few years, a group of french-speaking researchers has written an introductory book on MDPs in Artificial Intelligence. It not only covers the principles of MDPs (including reinforcement learning and POMDPs) but also popular extensions (approximate algorithms, multi-agent approaches...) and selected applications. After the publication of the french version of this book in June 2008, an english version has been prepared and should be published in 2010 [43] . Maia team members were involved as authors in five chapters [37] , [38] , [36] , [41] , [42] .


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