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Section: Other Grants and Activities

European initiatives

Technical Forum Group: “Self-Organization”

Participants : Christine Bourjot, Vincent Chevrier, Vincent Thomas.

MAIA is member of AgentLink that is the European Commission's IST-funded Coordination Action for Agent-Based Computing( ). Vincent Chevrier is promoter of the Technical Forum Group “Self Organization” in AgentLink ( ). The aim of the TFG is to work on self-organization in the complex distributed systems such as multi-agent systems. Currently, the group members are involved in the writing of a book entitled SELF-ORGANISING SOFTWARE - FROM NATURAL TO ARTIFICIAL ADAPTATION where MAIA team is responsible of two chapters.

European project INTERREG IVB “InTraDE” (2009-12)

Participants : François Charpillet, Alexis Scheuer, Olivier Buffet, Olivier Simonin.

The InTraDE project (Intelligent Transportation for Dynamic Environments) is coordinated by Rochdi Merzouki from University of Science and Technology of Lille (LAGIS lab.). Other partners are Maia team, Liverpool John Moores University (LOOM), the National Institute for Transport and Logistics in Dublin Institute of Technology, the South East England Development Agency, the AGHO Port of Oostende and the CRITT in Le Havre. In the context of ports and maritime terminals, the InTraDE project aims to improve the traffic management and space optimisation inside confined space by developing a clean and safe intelligent transportation system. This transportation system will operate in parallel with virtual simulation software of the automated site, allowing a robust and real-time supervision of the goods handling operation. The Maia team partner will focuse on the control of automated vehicle platooning and the path-planning of the convoys.


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