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Section: Software


Our software efforts are integrated in a library called RAlib which contains our research development on image processing, registration (2D and 3D) and visualization. This library is licensed by the APP (French agency for software protection).

The visualization module is called QGLSG: it enables the visualization of images, 2D and 3D objects under a consistent perspective projection. It is based on Qt ( ) and OpenScenegraph ( ) libraries. The latter was integrated in the project by Frédéric Speisser, who was part of Magrit project-team between September 2006 and September 2008 as an INRIA assistant engineer. The QGLSG library integrates innovative features such as online camera distortion correction (which has since been integrated in the latest releases of OpenScengraph, though independently from our code), and invisible objects that can be incorporated in a scene so that virtual objects can cast shadows on real objects, and occlusion between virtual and real objects are easier to handle. The library was also ported to Mac OS and Windows and a full doxygen documentation was written.

The library was consolidated this year through the design of applications used internally within Talking-Head related projects, but also Augmented Reality projects. In particular, a software called iSketchup was shown at ISMAR conference this year to demonstrate our new results on interactive scene modeling.


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