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Scientific Foundations
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New Results
Other Grants and Activities

Section: Other Grants and Activities

Regional Activities

Aquitaine Region “Services robustes pour les réseaux dynamiques (SR2D)”

Participants : David James Sherman [ correspondant ] , Pascal Durrens, Natalia Golenetskaya.

In the wider context of the regional project supporting a research pole in informatics, we work with other experts in data-mining and visualization on the application of these techniques to genomic data. In particular we have develop novel methods for constructing summaries of large data sets, that are coupled with graph visualization techniques in the Tulip platform.

Aquitaine Region “Identification de nouveaux QTL chez la levure pour la sélection de levains œnologiques”

Participant : Pascal Durrens [ correspondant ] .

This project is a collaboration between the company SARCO, specialized in the selection of industrial yeasts with distinct technological abilities, the FCBA technology institute, and the CNRS. The goal is to use genome analysis to identify chromosomal regions (QTLs) responsible for different physiological capabilities, as a tool for selecting yeasts for wine fermentation through efficient crossing strategies. Pascal Durrens is leading the bioinformatic analysis of the genomic and experimental data.


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