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Section: Other Grants and Activities

National Activities


Participants : David James Sherman [ correspondant ] , Pascal Durrens, Macha Nikolski, Tiphaine Martin.

GENARISE is a four-year ANR project that explores the question of how genes arise and die. Coordinated by Prof. Bernard Dujon of the Pasteur Institute, this pluridisciplinary project uses an original combination of complementary experimental and informatic techniques to answer specific questions about the mechanisms of genome dynamics. The Magnome team contributes much of the informatics expertise in this project and is in particular plays a role as a resource for in silico techniques.


Participant : Elisabeth Bon [ correspondant ] .

Elisabeth Bon of Magnome is a partner in DIVOENI, a four-year ANR project concerning intraspecies biodiversity of Oenococcus oeni , a lactic acid bacterium of wine. Coordinated by Prof. Aline Lonvaud of the Université Victor Ségalen Bordeaux 2, the aims of the programme are: 1) to evaluate the genetic diversity of a vast collection of strains, to set up phylogenetic groups, then to investigate relationships between the ecological niches and the essential phenotypical traits. Hypotheses on the evolution in the species and on the genetic stability of strains will be drawn. 2) to propose methods based on molecular markers to make a better use of the diversity of the species. 3) to measure the impact of the repeated use of selected strains on the diversity in the ecosystem and to draw the conclusions for its preservation.

INRA-INRIA Oleaginous Yeasts

Participants : David James Sherman [ correspondant ] , Nicolás Loira.

We have been woking with the research teams of Cécile Neuvéglise and Jean-Marc Nicaud at the INRIA Grignon, on analysis and modeling of oleaginous yeasts and their genomes. We have performed genome sequence surveys of several related species and are developing a consensus metabolic model for species in the Yarrowia clade. These activities will continue in the context of the CAER (Alternative Fuels for Aeronautics) project funded by the French DGAC.


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