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Section: New Results

Genome annotation of protoploid Saccharomycetacae

Participants : David James Sherman [ correspondant ] , Pascal Durrens, Macha Nikolski, Tiphaine Martin, Adrien Goëffon, Géraldine Jean.

Using our whole genome annotation pipeline (defined by David Sherman and Tiphaine Martin), we have successfully realized a complete annotation and analysis of four new genomes, provided to the Génolevures Consortium by the Centre National de Séquençage - Génoscope (Évry) and by the Washington University Genome Sequencing Center (St. Louis, USA). This result required a year of work by a network of 20 experts from 6 partner labs, using the Magus web-based system for collaborative genome annotation, and hundreds of hours of computation on our dedicated 76-core computing cluster. The analysis of these results, performed by members of the Consortium, include identification of 17 500 novel genes, genome comparative cartography and breakpoint analysis, assessment of protein family-specific phylogenetic trees and fast-evolving genes, and definition of a molecular clock through characterization of families of homologous and orthologous protein-coding genes. This major result was published in Genome Research .


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