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Section: Other Grants and Activities

European initiatives

ICT STREP ECODE (2008-2011)

Participants : Sara Alouf, Konstantin Avrachenkov, Giovanni Neglia, Natalia Osipova.

Maestro is a partner of the Ict European Strep Project Ecode on “Experimental COgnitive Distributed Engine”. K. Avrachenkov is the coordinator for Maestro .

Ecode is a 3-year Strep project (running from Sept. 2008 to Aug. 2011) co-funded by the European Commission under the Framework Programme 7 (FP7), addressing the Strategic Objective ICT-2007-1.6 “New paradigms and experimental facilities”. There are seven partners involved and Maestro , together with Inria project-team Planete , is one of them.

The goal of the Ecode project is to develop, implement, and validate experimentally a cognitive routing system that can meet the challenges experienced by the Internet in terms of manageability and security, availability and accountability, as well as routing system scalability and quality. By combining both networking and machine learning research fields, the resulting cognitive routing system fundamentally revisits the capabilities of the Internet networking layer so as to address these challenges altogether. Maestro 's task is to design and evaluate flow management schemes that can deal with potentially sampled traffic information. .

IST FET IP BIONETS (2006-2009)

Participants : Sara Alouf, Eitan Altman, Konstantin Avrachenkov, Philippe Nain, Giovanni Neglia, Danil Nemirovsky, Giuseppe Reina, Alonso Silva.

Maestro is a partner of the Ist Fet European Integrated Project Bionets on “BIOlogically-inspired autonomic NETworks and Services”. E. Altman is the coordinator of the work package on “Paradigm Collection and Foundations”.

Bionets is a project belonging to the Ist Fet Proactive Initiative Program on “Situated and Autonomic Communication”. There are sixteen partners involved and Maestro , together with Inria project-team Oasis and colleagues from Institut Eurecom , is one of them. Bionets is planned for four years and started on Jan. 1st 2006.

Bionets specializes on the design of protocols that will allow evolution of services over a self-organizing wireless network that contains a huge amount of cheap sensors, as well as a limited number of intelligent terminals. The project proposes an inter-disciplinary strategy for designing such networks (called bionets) by using methods and tools from biology, physics, economics. Maestro 's task is to collect such tools and to adapt them to Bionets . .

Network of Excellence: Euro-NF (2008-2009)

Participants : Eitan Altman, Konstantin Avrachenkov, Philippe Nain, Giovanni Neglia.

Maestro is a member of the Network of Excellence (NoE) EuroFGI/NF which is a continuation of the EuroNGI Network of Excellence on “Design and Engineering of the Next Generation Internet, Towards Convergent Multi-Service Networks” (see 2004-2007 Maestro activity reports). .

EGIDE ECO-NET Project “Game theory for Wireless Networks” (2008–2009)

Participants : Konstantin Avrachenkov, Giovanni Neglia.

In this Egide Eco-Net project, Maestro collaborates with St. Petersburg State University and Erevan State University on the application of game theory methods to wireless networks. A number of exchange visits have taken place among the three institutions. K. Avrachenkov is the coordinator of this project.


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