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Section: Dissemination


S. Alouf

was in charge of the course on “Probability and Statistics” in the Engineering Program in the Polytech'Nice Sophia Antipolis School (11hrs of lecture, 28hrs of assignments). She also delivered 3hrs of lecture at Leonard de Vinci High School during the event “La fête de la Science.”

A. Dandoush

participated as a “moniteur” in the course on “Networking and System Architecture” in the Bachelor Program on “Computer Science” at the IUT of Nice Sophia Antipolis (66hrs).

A. Jean-Marie

taught a course on “Evaluation of Performance” (15hrs), and one on “Metrology and Quality of Service for Networks” (25hrs), both in the Master in Computer Science of the University of Montpellier II.

P. Nain

taught a course on “Performance Evaluation of Networks” (Master IFI, specialty Ubinet, PolytechNice-Sophia, 21hrs).

G. Neglia

taught courses in “Probability and Statistics” (PolytechNice-Sophia, 2hrs of lectures, 24hrs of assignments) and in “Performance Evaluation of Networks” (Master IFI, specialty Ubinet, PolytechNice-Sophia, 6hrs). He also taught the course “Overlay and P2P networks”, refresher course for researchers and technicians of the Sicilian Electronic Research Center in the framework of Smartlab, a project supported by the Italian ministry for Research and University (16th March – 15th April, 30hrs).

D. Nemirovsky

taught the course on “Mathematical Modeling in Networks” at St. Petersburg State University (15hrs of lecture, 2hrs of homework).


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