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Section: Members

Research Scientist

Philippe Nain [ Team Leader, Research Director (DR), Inria , HdR ]
Eitan Altman [ Vice-Team Leader, Research Director (DR), Inria , HdR ]
Sara Alouf [ Research Scientist (CR), Inria ]
Konstantin Avrachenkov [ Research Scientist (CR), Inria ]
Alain Jean-Marie [ Research Director (DR), Inria ]
Giovanni Neglia [ Research Scientist (CR), Inria ]

Faculty Member

Anne-Elisabeth Baert [ Teaching Assistant, University of Montpellier II ]

PhD Student

Amar Azad [ University of Avignon, Bionets /Anr Winem fellowship, 3nd year. Advisors: S. Alouf and E. Altman ]
Abdulhalim Dandoush [ University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, 4th year (Moniteur). Advisors: S. Alouf and P. Nain ]
Dorian Mazauric [ University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, BDO Cnrs Paca fellowship, 2nd year. Advisors: P. Nain and J.-C. Bermond (Inria project-team Mascotte ) ]
Danil Nemirovsky [ joint scholarship University of Nice Sophia Antipolis and St. Petersburg State University, Russia, (thèse en co-tutelle) Cordis , 3rd year. Advisor: K. Avrachenkov ]
Natalia Osipova [ University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, Bionets fellowship, until 03/30/09 3rd year. Advisor: K. Avrachenkov ]
Sreenath Ramanath [ University of Avignon, Inria Acatel-Lucent fellowship, 2nd year. Advisors: E. Altman and M. Debbah ]
Alonso Silva [ Supelec, Bionets /Conicyt fellowship, 3rd year. Advisors: E. Altman and M. Debbah (Supelec) ]
Marina Sokol [ ENS Lyon, Inria Acatel-Lucent fellowship, 1st year. Advisors: K. Avrachenkov and P. Gonçalves (Inria project-team Reso ]
Saed Tarapiah [ Polytechnic School of Torino, since 09/01/09, 2nd year ]

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Utku Acer [ Inria fellowship, 10/01/09–10/31/10 ]
Alberto Blanc [ Inria Acatel-Lucent fellowship, since 02/16/09 ]
Veeraruna Kavitha [ Arc Popeye fellowship, 01/01/09–11/30/09 ]
Issam Mabrouki [ Bionets fellowship, 05/04/09–11/15/09 ]
Vincenzo Mancuso [ Anr Winem fellowship, 06/01/09–05/31/10 ]
Yuedong Xu [ Menrt fellowship, 11/01/09–10/31/10 ]

Visiting Scientist

Jocelyne Elias [ Polytecnic school of Milano, Italy, 07/01/09–11/15/09 ]
Fabio Martignon [ Faculty of Engineering of the University of Bergamo, Italy, 07/01/09–11/15/09 ]
Vishal Misra [ Columbia University, New York, USA, 02/02/09–04/30/09 ]
Adam Shwartz [ Technion, Haifa, Israel, 11/14/09–12/31/09 ]
Piotr Wiecek [ Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland, 03/09/09–06/30/09 ]

Administrative Assistant

Ephie Deriche [ Engineer Assistant (AI), Inria ]


Alireza Aram [ University of Pennsylvania, USA, Associate Team Dawn internship, graduate student, 06/04/09–08/31/09 ]
Sunitha Azad [ University of Avignon, Inria internship, graduate student, 02/23/09–06/22/09 ]
Vijay Kamble [ IIT, Kharagpur, India, Inria internship, undergraduate student, 05/16/09–07/17/09 ]
Michel Moreaux [ On leave from Toulouse School of Economy, Anr Winem fellowship, 09/01/09–09/30/10 ]
Giuseppe Reina [ University of Palermo, Italy, Inria internship, undergraduate student, 01/09/09–08/31/09 ]
Leonardo Rocha [ University of Cordoba, Argentina, DRI internship, graduate student, 04/29/09–10/30/09 ]
Chandramani Singh [ IISc, Bangalore, India, Inria internship, graduate student, 05/16/09–05/29/09 ]
Marina Sokol [ St. Petersburg State University, Russia, DRI internship, undergraduate student, 03/23/09–05/22/09 ]
Sulan Wong [ University of A Coruna, Spain, Inria internship, graduate student, 11/17/08–10/31/09 ]
Yi Zhang [ University of Liverpool, UK, Inria Acatel-Lucent internship, graduate student, 04/07/09–07/07/09 ]
Quanyan Zhu [ University of Illinois, USA, DRI internship, graduate student, 05/17/09–07/01/09 ]


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