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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry


Participant : Olivier Festor [ contact ] .


January 2006 - April 2010


12 european universities and one financial institute

EMANICS is an FP6 Network of Excellence which brings together most of the best european research teams on management. It is built around 13 research teams and one financial coordination entity and led by Olivier Festor. The network aims at shaping the European research in the area of device, network and service management to provide the necessary coordination and integration so as to enable the participants, while maintaining and enhancing their excellence in their respective field, to contribute in a unified way to the design of management solutions covering all of the challenges arising in this field.

EMANICS is now running for four years and has reached many great successes in the area of researchers and community integration, joint research results, outstanding publications quality and score, standard contributions, operational testbeds, visibility and recognition. Details on the networks and its achievements can be found on the networks Web site at: . Evaluated in march 2009, the network received for the third time in a row, the highest mark a project can get in an evaluation stating that it did fully achieve its objectives and technical goals for the period and that it has even exceeded expectations.

In addition to the management and animation of the network [32] , [35] , [34] , [33] , [36] , we did contribute in 2009 in the activities related to the EMANICS virtual laboratory, Open Source developments coordination and support [37] , scalable management as well as autonomic management.


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