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Section: Software


Participants : Humberto Abdelnur [ contact ] , Olivier Festor, Radu State.

KiF is an advance protocol fuzzer developed by the team. The tool builds on novel algorithms to make stateful, in depth fuzzing of remote devices. In its current version, it offers stateful fuzzing for Voice Over IP systems using the SIP signalling protocol. It offers smart fuzzing using either on the fly data generation or using pre-generated test suites to enable performant fuzzed messages issuance. The environment also enables easy specification, addition and execution of new fuzzing scenarios.

The tool is entirely developed in Python and is freely available to third party users. The current distribution is provided as a fully pre-installed and running framework packaged in a VMware image.

Although being distributed under an Open Source model, availability requires prior signature of a non-disclosure agreement to prevent its usage in malicious activities like the attack of operational third party voice over IP infrastructures. As of today, a dozen companies and universities signed the NDA and are actively using the KiF framework. More details on KIF can be found on the environment's web site( ).


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