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Section: Dissemination


There is a high demand on networking courses in the various universities in which LORIA is par. This puts high pressure on MADYNES members which are all in charge of numerous courses in this domain. Especially the team professors and associate professors ensure more than the required amount of teaching obligation in their respective institutions: IUT, bachelor, master, ESIAL and École des Mines de Nancy engineering schools. In this section, we only enumerate the courses that are directly related to our research activity.

Within the Master degree, SDR (Distributed Services and Networks) specialization, Isabelle Chrisment and Olivier Festor are in charge of the course entitled Routing and Organization within Dynamic Networks . This course is one of the three foundation courses given to the students that follow a research cursus in Networking in Nancy; Isabelle Chrisment is in charge of the course entitled Security within Dynamic Networks at the Masters in Computer Science level.

Isabelle Chrisment is heading the Telecommunications and Networks specialization of the 3rd year at the ESIAL(Ecole d'Ingénieurs en Informatique et ses Applications de Lorraine ) engineering school and in charge of the students recruitement process. She also teaches the networking related courses in this cursus.

Olivier Festor and Emmanuel Nataf are in charge of the Network and Service Management course at the masters degree level.

André Schaff is the Director of the ESIAL Engineering School. Jacques Guyard is co-directing the school.

Laurent Ciarletta is heading the class specialization Conception de logiciels et d'architectures pour les systémes sûrs/ Architectures and Software Design for Safe Systems of the Computer Science department of the Ecole des Mines de Nancy (Master degree level). He is in charge of Advanced Networking, Middleware, Component-based software development, Pervasive Computing and Systems courses at the Ecole des Mines de Nancy. He is also responsible for the Software Architecture class in the IPISO Master (Ecole des Mines de Paris - Nancy - Saint Etienne), and co-responsible for the "Companies: the digital challenge"("Entreprises : le défi numérique") class of ARTEM.

Several MADYNES Ph.D. Students gave various courses in the area of networking, Voice over IP and security in most universities and engineering schools associated with LORIA.


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