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Section: Other Grants and Activities

International relationships and cooperations

We maintain several international relationships, either through a formal cooperation or on an informal basis. The largest international cooperation is currenlty performed under the EMANICS network of excellence described earlier in this report.

In 2009, we did setup a close cooperation with the Univeristy of Luxembourg (R. State) on honeypots and protocol fuzzing. This has led to several joint publications and a joint Ph.D. (G. Wagener). An INRIA associate-team proposal has been setup and submitted.

We have also setup a cooperation with the Team of Th. Djotio at the Polytechnique Institute of Yaoundé, Camerou, on safe configuration management. A joint project was submitted to INRIA and has been labeled Jeune Equipe in november 2009.

In 2009, we were heavily involved in the setup of eight new cooperative research programs targetting either a bilateral basis (industrial partner + MADYNES), national level (ANR or DGA calls) or european level(FP7 call 5).

Olivier Festor is co-chair of the IFIP Technical Commitee 6 Working-Group 6.6.

We actively participate to the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF) Network Management Research Group (NMRG ). We are also members of the EUNICE consortium. EUNICE has been established to foster the mobility of students, faculty members and research scientists working in the field of information and communication technologies and to promote educational and research cooperations between its member institutions. The major event of EUNICE is an annual summer school which brings together lecturers, researchers, students and people from the industry across Europe for one week of presentations, discussions and networking. Isabelle Chrisment is member of EUNICE technical committee.


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