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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Industrial ANR PACE

Participants : Andreas Enge, Jérôme Milan.

The Pace project unites researchers of France Télécom, Gemalto, ST-Ericsson, Cryptolog International, the Inria project teams Cascade and Lfant and University of Caen. It deals with electronic commerce and more precisely with electronic cash systems. Electronic cash refers to money exchanged electronically, with the aim of emulating paper money and its traditional properties and use cases, such as the anonymity of users during spending. The goal of Pace is to use the new and powerful tool of bilinear pairings on algebraic curves to solve remaining open problems in electronic cash, such as the strong unforgeability of money and the strong unlinkability of transactions, which would allow users to conveniently be anonymous and untraceable. It also studies some cryptographic tools that are useful in the design of e-cash systems.


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