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Section: Scientific Foundations

Image features and descriptors and robust correspondence

Reliable image features are a crucial component of any visual recognition system. Despite much progress, research is still needed in this area. Elementary features and descriptors suffice for a few applications, but their lack of robustness and invariance puts a heavy burden on the learning method and the training data, ultimately limiting the performance that can be achieved. More sophisticated descriptors allow better inter-class separation and hence simpler learning methods, potentially enabling generalization from just a few examples and avoiding the need for large, carefully engineered training databases.

The feature and descriptor families that we advocate typically share several basic properties:

Partly owing to our own investigations, features and descriptors with some or all of these properties have become popular choices for visual correspondence and recognition, particularly when large changes of viewpoint may occur. One notable success to which we contributed is the rise of “bag-of-features” methods for visual object recognition. These characterize images by their (suitably quantized or parametrized) global distributions of local descriptors in descriptor space. (The name is by analogy with “bag-of-words” representations in document analysis. The local features are thus sometimes called “visual words”). The representation evolved from texton based methods in texture analysis. Despite the fact that it does not (explicitly) encode much spatial structure, it turns out to be surprisingly powerful for recognizing more structural object categories.

Our current research on local features is focused on creating detectors and descriptors that are better adapted to describe object classes, on incorporating spatial neighborhood and region constraints to improve informativeness relative to the bag-of-features approach, and on extending the scheme to cover different kinds of locality. Current research also includes the development and evaluation of local descriptors for video, and associated detectors for spatio-temporal interest points.


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