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Section: New Results

Active vision

Find and Focus: Multi Camera Cooperation for Grasping

Participants : Claire Dune, Éric Marchand.

This study was devoted to object grasping using a manipulator within a multi-camera visual servoing scheme. The goal of this project, realized in cooperation with CEA-List (see Section  7.2 ), was to allow disabled persons to grasp an object with the help of a robot arm mounted either on their wheelchair or on a mobile platform.

First, a method, based on visual servoing and on the epipolar geometry of a multi-view system has been proposed to automatically find and focus the object of interest. We have then dealt with the accurate localization of the object and its rough shape estimation. Considering an active vision process, the motion of the camera is automatically controlled to optimize the estimation of the object structure modeled by a quadric. A method to position the gripper while taking the object shape and pose into account has then been developed. Experiments have been conducted onto the RX90 Staubli robot arm available at CEA-List [15] .


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