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Section: Software

MarkerLess: MarkerLess-based augmented reality kernel

Participant : Éric Marchand.

Markerless is an upgrade of the Marker software with additional features developed within the SORA Riam Project. It allows the computation of camera pose with no fiducial marker.

A real-time, robust and efficient 3D model-based tracking algorithm for a monocular vision system has been developed [5] . Tracking objects in the scene requires to compute the pose between the camera and the objects. Non-linear pose computation is formulated by means of a virtual visual servoing approach. In this context, the derivation of point-to-curves interaction matrices have been obtained for different features including straight lines, circles, cylinders and spheres. A local moving-edge tracker is used in order to provide a real-time estimation of the displacements normal to the object contours. A method has been proposed for combining local position uncertainty and global pose uncertainty in an efficient and accurate way by propagating uncertainty. Robustness is obtained by integrating an m -estimator into the visual control law via an iteratively re-weighted least squares implementation. We also considered the case of non-rigid articulated objects. The proposed method has been validated on several complex image sequences including outdoor environments. Applications for this tracker are in the fields of robotics, visual servoing, and augmented reality.


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