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Section: Other Grants and Activities

National Grants

Participants : François Castella, Philippe Chartier, Arnaud Debussche, Erwan Faou.

ARC grant HYBRID 2009-2010

The Hybrid ARC project has been granted by the INRIA and group members of

The main aim of this project is to derive and analyze numerical methods for the simulation of complex systems arising in molecular dynamics. It turns out that these systems are in essence hybrid, and include in their definition deterministic and stochastic terms. Our goal is to group and mix technics that are a priori disjoint: use of symplectic integrator to handle Hamiltonian ordinary differential over long time and probabilistic methods to sample the invariant law of a stochastic differential equation.

Programme INRIA "Equipes Associées": MIMOL

This is an exchange program between the IPSO team and the numerical analysis groups in Tübingen, headed by C. Lubich and in the University of the Basque Country headed by A. Murua. E. Faou is the coordinator of the french part of this project. In 2009, this program financed visits from P. Chartier, A. Murua and E. Faou, as well as participations to the Scicade 09 and Icnaam 09 conference to present the work of the associated team.

This program was valid for two years (2008 and 2009).

Programme Hubert Curien Picasso

This is an exchange program between the IPSO team and the numerical analysis groups in San Sebastian (Ander Murua), Valladolid (Jesus-Maria Sanz-Serna and Maripaz Calvo), Valencia (Sergio Blanes) and Castellon (Fernando Casas). This program is valid for two years (2009 and 2010). P. Chartier is the coodinator for the french side.

ANR Programme blanc (BLAN) MEGAS: 2009-2012

Title: Geometric methods and sampling: application to molecular simulation. The project is financed for 3 years, coordinated by Tony Lelièvre and gathers the following teams and persons:

P. Chartier is the coordinator for IPSO.


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