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Section: Other Grants and Activities

International grants

Associated Team: Bird

"Interactions entre les mondes Réels et Virtuels / Interactions between Real and Virtual Worlds"


Dates: 2008-2011

Partners:Bunraku - IRISA - Rennes and State key Lab of CAD&CG - Zheijang University - Hangzhou - China

Overview: The main purpose of this collaboration is to provide new tools for managing the interaction between real and virtual worlds. We first want to ease the interaction between real users and virtual worlds during modeling and collaborative tasks. Concerning generation of virtual worlds, we will focus not on fully automatic solutions, but on semi-automatic ones that will take into account human decisions. This integration of the user is essential to provide intuitive processes and better immersion. Based on the different interfaces between virtual and real world (from a simple stylus to a set of cameras), we have to capture accurately the motions, the gestures, and to interpret the intentions of humans, in order to correctly integrate these actions and intentions.


JST - CNRS Project

"Improving the VR experience"

Grant: CNRS

Dates: 2008-2010

Partners: LSSIIT - Strasbourg and Bunraku - IRISA - Rennes and Tokyo University - Tokyo and KeioUniversity - Tokyo and Osaka University - Osaka

Overview: Virtual Reality (VR) is a scientific and technical domain, making the most of computer science and behavioral interface to simulate the behavior of entities in a virtual world. One of the most important and difficult topics of VR is to obtain the best possible feeling of immersion. To reach this goal, it is necessary to combine a correct representation of the behaviour of entities in the 3D scene, an intuitive and natural interaction, and a relevant visualization, all of this in real time. To overcome this scientific challenge, we have identified the three following points:


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