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Section: Software

GLUT|ES - The OpenGL|ES Utility Toolkit

Participant : Joachim Pouderoux [ correspondant ] .


GLUT|ES is an OpenSource translation of the well known OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT) which is a window system independent toolkit for the development of OpenGL applications. GLUT| ES is an implementation of GLUT for WinCE and Win32 systems based on OpenGL| ES that itself is based on the OpenSource freeglut implementation. Most of GLUT API v.3 features are present: window creation, callbacks, menus, timers, etc. Only the functions that cannot exist with OpenGL| ES or that are not pertinent have not been ported (like overlays, joysticks on PocketPC, etc.). An example is given in Figure 6 .

GLUT| ES homepage, which is hosted on since 2006, has been visited by more than 25.000 people all around the world and downloaded more than 7.000 times. GLUT| ES has been cited by OpenGL and OpenGL| ES in their respective homepages and by their community, like in the ZeusCMD tutorials or in a interview.

Figure 6. A sample application based on GLUT|ES running on a Smartphone and a PocketPC.


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