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Le rapport annuel 2009

INRIA - Rapports d'activité 2009


Liste alphabétique

Abs - Algorithms, Biology, Structure
Abstraction - Abstract Interpretation
Aces - Ambient Computing and Embedded Systems
Adam - Adaptive Distributed Applications and Middleware
Adept - Algorithms for Dynamic Dependable Systems
Alchemy - Architectures, Languages and Compilers to Harness the End of Moore Years
Alcove - Interacting with complex objects in collaborative virtual environments
Alea - Advanced Learning Evolutionary Algorithms
Alf - Amdahl's Law is Forever
Algorille - Algorithms for the Grid
Algorithms - Algorithms
Alice - Geometry and Lighting
Alien - ALgèbre pour Identification et Estimation Numériques
Alpage - Analyse Linguistique Profonde À Grande Échelle
Amib - Algorithms and Models for Integrative Biology
Anubis - Models and Methods in Biomathematics, Tools of automatic control and scientific computing
Aoste - Models and Methods for the Analysis and Optimization of Systems with Real-time and Embedded Constraints
Apics - Analysis and Problems of Inverse type in Control and Signal processing
Arenaire - Computer Arithmetic
Ariana - Inverse Problems in Earth Observation and Cartography
Arles - Software Architectures and Distributed Systems
Arobas - Advanced Robotics and Autonomous Systems
Artis - Acquisition, Representation and Transformations for Image Synthesis
Asap - As Scalable As Possible: Foundations of large-scale dynamic systems
Asclepios - Analysis and Simulation of Biomedical Images
Ascola - ASpect and COmposition LAnguages
Aspi - Applications of interacting particle systems to statistics
Ateams - Analysis and Transformation based on rEliAble tool coMpositionS
Atlanmod - Modeling Technologies for Software Production, Operation, and Evolution
Atlas - Complex Data Management in Distributed Systems
Aviz - Analysis and Visualization
Axis - User-Centered Design, Improvement and Analysis of Information Systems
Bacchus - Parallel tools for Numerical Analysis and Resolution of essentially Hyperbolic problems
Bang - Biophysique, Analyse Numérique et Géophysique
Bipop - Nonsmooth Dynamics and Optimization
Bunraku - Perception, decision and action of real and virtual humans in virtual environments and impact on real environments
Cacao - Curves, Algebra, Computer Arithmetic, and so On
Cad - Computer Aided Design
Cairn - Energy Efficient Computing ArchItectures with Embedded Reconfigurable Resources
Calligramme - Linear Logic, Proof Nets and Categorial Grammars
Calvi - Scientific Computing and Visualization
Carte - Theoretical Adverse Computations, and Safety
Cascade - Construction and Analysis of Systems for Confidentiality and Authenticity of Data and Entities
Cassis - Combining approaches for the security of infinite state systems
Celtique - Semantic analysis for software certification
Cepage - Chercher et Essaimer dans les Plates-formes À Grande Échelle
Clime - Coupling environmental data and numerical simulation models for integrated software solution
Comete - Concurrence, Mobilité et Transactions
Commands - Control, Optimization, Models, Methods and Applications for Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
Comore - Modeling and control of renewable resources
Compsys - Compilation and Embedded Computing Systems
Concha - Complex flow simulation Codes based on High-order and Adaptive methods
Contraintes - Constraint Programming
Coprin - Constraints solving, OPtimization, Robust INterval analysis
Corida - Robust Control Of Infinite Dimensional Systems and Applications
Cortex - Computational Neuroscience
Costeam - Optimal and secure management of manufacturing systems
Cqfd - Contrôle de Qualité & Fiabilité Dynamique
Dahu - Verification in Database
Dart - Dataparallelism for Real-Time
Defi - Shape Reconstruction and Identification
Demar - Artificial movement and gait restoration
Digiplante - Mathematical models for plant growth and architecture
Dionysos - Dependability, Interoperability and PerfOrmaNce analYsiS of netwOrkS
Distribcom - Distributed Models and Algorithms for the Management of Telecommunication Systems
D-net - Dynamic Networks
Dolphin - Discrete multi-objective Optimization for Large scale Problems with Hybrid dIstributed techNiques
Dream - Diagnosis, REcommending Actions and Modeling
Ecoo - Environment for cooperation
Edelweiss - Exchanges Documents Extraction Languages Web Ergonomics Interaction Semantics Servers
E-motion - Geometry and Probability for Motion and Action
Espresso - Synchronous programming for the trusted component-based engineering of embedded systems and mission-critical systems
Estime - Parameter Estimation and Modeling in Heterogeneous Media
Evasion - Virtual environments for animation and image synthesis of natural objects
Exmo - Computer-mediated communication of structured knowledge
Flowers - Flowing Epigenetic Robots and Systems : Developmental and Social Robotics
Fluminance - Fluid flow Analysis, Description and Control from Image Sequences
Formes - FOrmal Methods for Embedded Systems
Galaad - Géométrie, Algèbre, Algorithmes
Galen - OrGA n ModeL ing through E xtraction, Representation and UnderstaN ding of Medical Image Content
Gallium - Programming languages, types, compilation and proofs
Gamma - Génération Automatique de Maillages et Méthodes d'Adaptation
Gang - Graphs, networks and algorithms
Gemo - Management of Data and Knowledge Distributed Over the Web
Geometrica - Geometric Computing
Geostat - Geometry and Statistics in acquisition data
Graal - Algorithms and Scheduling for Distributed Heterogeneous Platforms
Grand-large - Calcul parallèle et distribué à grande échelle
Gravite - Graph Visualization and Interactive Exploration
Hiepacs - High-End Parallel Algorithms for Challenging Numerical Simulations
Hipercom - HIgh PERformance COMmunication
I4s - Inference for Structures
Ibis - Modeling, simulation, measurement, and control of bacterial regulatory networks
Imara - Informatique, Mathématiques et Automatique pour la Route Automatisée
Imedia - Images and Multimedia: Indexing, Retrieval and Navigation
Indes - Informatique Diffuse et Sécurisée
In-situ - Situated Interaction
Iparla - Computer Graphics and 3D Interaction for Mobile Users
Ipso - Invariant Preserving Solvers
Kerdata - Cloud and Grid Storage for Very Large Distributed Data
Lagadic - Visual servoing in robotics, computer vision, and augmented reality
Lear - Learning and Recognition in Vision
Lfant - Lithe and Fast Algorithmic Number Theory
Licit - Legal Issues in Communication and Information Technologies
Lognet - Logical Networks: Self-organizing Overlay Networks and Generic Overlay Computing Systems
Macs - Modeling, Analysis and Control for Computational Structural Dynamics
Madynes - Ma nagement of Dy namic Ne tworks and S ervices
Maestro - Models for Performance Analysis and Control of Networks
Magique-3d - Modélisation avancée en Géophysique 3D
Magnome - Models and Algorithms for the Genome
Magrit - Visual Augmentation of Complex Environments
Maia - Autonomous and Intelligent MAchine
Marelle - Mathematics, Reasoning, and Software
Masaie - Tools and Models of Nonlinear Control Theory for Epidemiology and Immunology
Mascotte - Méthodes Algorithmiques, Simulation et Combinatoire pour l'OpTimisation des TElécommunications
Mathfi - Financial Mathematics
Maxplus - Algèbres max-plus et mathématiques de la décision/Max-plus algebras and mathematics of decision
Mc2 - Modelling, control and computations: applications to fluid mechanics and biology
Mere - Modelling and Water Resources
Mescal - Middleware Efficiently SCALable
Metalau - Méthodes, algorithmes et logiciels pour l'automatique
Metiss - Modélisation et Expérimentation pour le Traitement des Informations et des Signaux Sonores
Mexico - Modelling and Exploitation of Interaction and Concurrency
Micmac - Methods and Engineering of Multiscale Computing from Atom to Continuum
Mirages - Object Manipulation in Image Sequences for Augmented Reality and Special Effects
Mistis - Modelling and Inference of Complex and Structured Stochastic Systems
Moais - Multi-programmation et Ordonnancement pour les Applications Interactives de Simulation
Moise - Modelling, Observations, Identification for Environmental Sciences
Moscova - Mobility, Security, Concurrency, Verification and Analysis
Mostrare - Modeling Tree Structures, Machine Learning, and Information Extraction
Nachos - Numerical modeling and high performance computing for evolution problems in complex domains and heterogeneous media
Necs - Networked Control Systems
Netquest - Declarative Network Programming
Neuromathcomp - Mathematical and Computational Neuroscience
Numed - Numerics for Medecine
Oasis - Objets Actifs, Sémantique, Internet et Sécurité
Odyssee - Computer and biological vision
Opale - Optimization and Control, Numerical Algorithms and Integration of Multidisciplinary Complex P.D.E. Systems
Orpailleur - Knowledge Discovery guided by Domain Knowledge
Pareo - Formal Islands: Foundations and Applications
Parietal - Modelling brain structure, function and variability based on high-field MRI data
Paris - Programming Parallel and Distributed Systems for Large Scale Numerical Simulation Applications
Parole - Analysis, Perception and Recognition of Speech
Parsifal - Preuves Automatiques et Raisonnement sur des SpécIFicAtions Logiques
Perception - Interpretation and Modelling of Images and Videos
Phoenix - Programming Language Technology For Communication Services
Pi.r2 - Design, study and implementation of languages for proofs and programs
Planete - Protocoles et Applications pour l'Internet
Poems - Wave propagation: Mathematical Analysis and Simulation
Pop_art - Programming languages, Operating systems, Parallelism, and Aspects for Real-Time
Pops - System & Networking for Portable Objects Proved to be Safe
Prima - Perception, recognition and integration for interactive environments
Proval - Proof of programs
Pulsar - Perception Understanding Learning Systems for Activity Recognition
Pumas - Plasmas, tUrbulence, Modelization, Approximation and Simulation
Rap - Réseaux, Algorithmes et Probabilités
Realopt - Reformulation based algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization
Regal - Resource management in large scale distributed systems
Reo - Numerical simulation of biological flows
Reso - Optimized protocols and software for high performance networks
Reves - Rendering and virtual environments with sound
Rmod - Analyses and Language Constructs for Object-Oriented Application Evolution
Runtime - Efficient Runtime Systems for Parallel Architectures
S4 - System Synthesis and Supervision, Scenarios
Sage - Simulations and Algorithms on Grids for Environmental Applications
Salsa - Solvers for ALgebraic Systems and Applications
Sardes - System Architecture for Reflective Distributed Computing Environments
Secret - Security, Cryptology and Transmissions
Secsi - Sécurité des systèmes d'information
Select - Model Selection and Statistical Learning
Sequel - Sequential Learning
Sequoia - Algorithms for large-scale sequence analysis for molecular biology
Signes - Linguistic signs, grammar and meaning: computational logic for natural language
Simpaf - SImulation and Modelling for PArticles and Fluids
Sisyphe - SIgnals and SYstems in PHysiology and Engineering
Smash - Simulation, Modeling and Analysis of Heterogeneous Systems in Continuum Mechanics
Smis - Secured and Mobile Information Systems
Swing - Smart Wireless NetworkinG
Symbiose - SYstèmes et Modèles BIOlogiques, BIOinformatique et SEquences
Talaris - Traitement Automatique des Langues: Représentations, Inférences et Sémantique
Tanc - Théorie Algorithmique des Nombres pour la Cryptologie
Tao - Thème Apprentissage et Optimisation
Temics - TraitEment, Modélisation d'Images et CommunicationS
Texmex - Efficient Exploitation of Multimedia Documents: Exploring, Indexing and Searching in Very Large Databases
Tosca - TO Simulate and CAlibrate stochastic processes
Trec - Network Theory and Communications
Trio - Temps Réel et InterOpérabilité (Real Time and InterOperability)
Triskell - Model Driven Engineering for Component Based Software
Tropics - Transformations et Outils Informatiques pour le Calcul Scientifique
Typical - Types, Logic, and Computation
Vasy - Validation of Systems
Vegas - Effective Geometric Algorithms for Visibility and Surfaces
Vertecs - Verification models and techniques applied to the Testing and Control of reactive Systems
Virtual_plants - Modeling plant morphogenesis at different scales, from genes to phenotypes
Visages - Vision Action et Gestion d'informations en Santé
Vistas - Vision Spatio-Temporelle et Apprentissage
Wam - Web, Adaptation and Multimedia
Willow - Models of Visual Object Recognition and Scene Understanding