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Application Domains
New Results
Contracts and Grants with Industry
Other Grants and Activities

Section: Dissemination


Gérard Berry

is giving a course at Collège de France called “Penser, modéliser et maîtriser le calcul informatique” [15] (Thinking About, Modeling and Mastering computation), where he discusses numerous models of sequential, parallel or diffuse computation. Manuel Serrano will give a seminar about diffuse and Hop computation in the seminar series associated with this course.

Ilaria Castellani

participated in the course “Secure diffuse computing” of the Ubinet master at Nice University (in October-November 2009), both as a lecturer and as the course responsible.

Christian Queinnec

is teaching at UPMC two courses (20 hours each). The first one, a M1 course, is devoted to compilation. The second one, a M2 course, is centered on Web technologies, from database to client. Hop is presented within that course as an emerging new paradigm.

Tamara Rezk

participated as a lecturer in the course "Secure Diffuse Computing" of the Ubinet master (October-November 2009), University of Nice.

Manuel Serrano

supervised the summer internship of Pierre Karpman, an undergraduate student of Insa Lyon, who worked during two months on implementing an efficient interpreter for Hop. In October 2009, Manuel Serrano gave a 6 hour-course on multi-tier Web programming at the Master Ubinet of University of Nice.


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