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Section: Dissemination

Seminars and conferences

Gérard Berry

participated in the Causality Workshop organized in Venezia by the Academia Europaea, of which he is a member. He participated and gave a talk in the ERCIM annual meeting, being a member of the ERCIM Advisory Committee. He gave several seminars in research or industrial conferences.

Gérard Boudol

participated in the POPL'09 conference, where [12] was presented by Gustavo Petri. Gustavo also presented this work at the Journées INRIA Multicœur, which Boudol also attended. G. Boudol gave a three hours tutorial on Language Based Security at the first FMCrypto meeting in Campinas (Brazil). He also participated in the COORDINATION'09 conference. He presented [11] at a workshop of the ParSec project and at the ICTAC'09 conference.

Ilaria Castellani

presented her work on security for process calculi in the first MATYSS meeting at the University of Torino, on April 23. In September and December 2009 she spent two visits at the university of Torino, to pursue the MATYSS collaborative work [19] .

Zhengqin Luo

presented his work on cetified proof of anonymity protocols in the FMCrypto workshop, in Campinas (Brazil), April 2009. He also participated in the summer school “Logics and Languages for Reliability and Security” in Marktoberdorf (Germany), August 2009.

Gustavo Petri

presented the work [12] in the journées “Informatique Massivement Multiprocesseur et Multicoeur” in Paris, February 2009. He was invited to present the same work at the Modeling and Verification group in May, at LIAFA, Paris. Later Gustavo was invited to the seminar “Design and Validation of Concurrent Systems” in Dagstuhl, September 2009, where he presented the work [17]

Christian Queinnec

has been invited to the Symposium in Honor of Mitchell Wand (in cooperation with ACM SIGPLAN and co-located with Scheme and Functional Programming 2009) where he presented a semantics for Hop (a work done with Manuel Serrano) [21] .

Tamara Rezk

presented her work on the Cflow compiler in the ANR PARSEC meeting, in Paris. On February the 10th, she was invited by Bogdan Warinschi to spend a week at University of Bristol, where she gave a talk. On the 13th of the same month, she was invited by Kohei Honda to present her work at Queen Mary University, London. On April 23rd, Tamara participated in the first Matyss meeting in Torino, where she presented her work on “Security preserving compiler for multithreaded programs”. In march, she participated as track chair in ACM SAC 09. On April, Tamara was invited to attend the Spring School and French-Japanese collaboration workshop "Cosyproofs", on proofs for cryptography. This workshop was organized by Hubert Common-Lundh, Highashi Izu Peninsula in Japan. On April the 28th and the 30th, Tamara presented her work on anonymity protocols and the Cflow compiler in the FMCrypto workshop, organized in University of Campinas, Campinas, Brasil.

Manuel Serrano

gave several presentations of the Hop system. In particular, he gave a keynote talk at the 11th international conference on Coordination Models and Languages about fast Web 2.0 server [9] . Manuel Serrano has been invited by professor J. Misra to spend a week at University of Texas where he gave a talk about Hop. He also gave another talk about Hop at IBM Watson, invited by O. Tardieu et J. Field. M. Serrano gave a presentation about multimedia applications in Hop at the MMCN'09 [14] conference in Jan Jose, USA. Manuel Serrano participated in the Inria-Alumni JAM session where he was involved in the panel about the Web.


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