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Section: Scientific Foundations

Web and functional programming

We are studying new paradigms for programming Web applications that rely on multi-tier functional programming [4] . This research has been initiated in the Mimosa team, the predecessor of the Indes team, where we have created the new Web programming environment named Hop . It relies on a single formalism for programming the server-side and the client-side of the applications as well as for configuring the execution engine.

Hop is a functional language based on the Scheme programming language. That is, it is a strict functional language, fully polymorphic, supporting side effects, and dynamically type-checked. Hop is implemented has an extension of the Bigloo compiler that we develop [5] . In the past, we have extensively studied static analyses (type systems and inference, abstract interpretations, as well as classical compiler optimizations) to improve the efficiency of compilation in both space and time.


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