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Section: Application Domains


Electronic equipments are less and less expensive and more and more widely spread out. Nowadays, in industrial countries, computers are almost as popular as TV sets. Today, almost everybody owns a mobile phone. Many are equipped with a GPS or a PDA. Modem, routers, NASes and other network appliances are also commonly used, although they are sometimes sealed under proprietary packaging such as the Livebox or the Freebox. Most of us evolve in an electronic environment which is rich but which is also populated with mostly isolated devices.

The first multimedia applications on the web have appeared with the Web 2.0. The most famous ones are Flickr, YouTube, or Deezer. All these applications rely on the same principle: they allow roaming users to access the various multimedia resources available all over the Internet via their web browser. The convergence between our new electronic environment and the multimedia facilities offered by the web will allow engineers to create new applications. However, since these applications are complex to implement this will not happen until appropriate languages and tools are available. In the Indes team, we develop compilers, systems, and libraries that address this problem.


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