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Section: Other Grants and Activities

International Initiatives

Cooperation with NII, Japan

Joint collaboration with Shin'Ichi Satoh and Michael Houle has been established since 2006. Several visits and mobilities have been achieved between IMEDIA and NII. The main topics consist on social web mining, scalable clustering and object recognition.

Cooperation with John Hopkins University, USA

Don Geman is a regular visiting professor since several years; The scientific topics adressed are related to relevance feedback and mental category image search.

Cooperation with Tunisia: CIVE project

The CIVE (Classification d'Images d'espèces VEgétales) project is a collaborative project between AMAP, INRIA, ISI (Institut Supérieur d'Informatique de Tunisie) and Sup'Com (Ecole Supérieure de Communication de Tunis). It is financed by both the Tunisian Universities and INRIA.

Participation to the “Conférence annuelle de la société savante des naturalistes en Tunisie” in Hammamet, in November 2009.

MUSCLE-VCD corpora for benchmarking

In 2007, IMEDIA did organise the first international benchmark event about video copy detection technologies, as a "live" event during ACM CIVR 2007 conference ( ). This corpus is still maintained and distributed with success.


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