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Section: Other Grants and Activities

National Initiatives

Pl@ntNet project [2009-2012]

It is a joint project with AMAP (CIRAD, Montpellier) and Tela Botanica, an international botanical network with 8,500 members and an active collaborative web platform (10,000 visits /day). The project has its financial support from Agropolis International Foundation ( ) and is titled “Plant Computational Identification and Collaborative Information System”.


Other collaborations with INRA

The PhD thesis of Wajih Ouertani, financed by INRA, in the context of a strategic collaboration between INRIA and INRA, addresses interactive species identification through advanced relevance feedback mechanisms based on local image information.

ANR project R2I [2008-2010]

The project "R2I - Recherche Interactive d'Images" is a joint project which aims at designing new methods for interactive image search. The final goal of this project is a system which can index about one billion of images and provide users with advanced interaction capabilities. The partners are the company Exalead, a leader in the area of corporate network indexing and a specialist for user-centered approaches, the INRIA project-team Imedia, a research group with a strong background in interactive search of multi-media documents, as well as LEAR and the University of Caen, both specialists in object recognition. Amel Hamzaoui begun her PhD thesis inside the R2I project (see section 6.1.1 for more details).


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