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Section: Scientific Foundations

Cross-media indexing and retrieval

Participants : Nicolas Hervé, Nozha Boujemaa.

We have described, up to now, our research approaches in using the visual content alone. But when additional information is available, it may prove complementary and potentially valuable in improving the results returned to the user. We may cite here metadata (file name, date of creation, caption, etc.) but also the textual annotations that are sometimes available. We must note that annotations usually carry high-level information related to a prior knowledge of the context. The use of these sources of information implies that we can speak of multimedia indexing.

We can think of several approaches for combining textual and visual information in the context of indexing and retrieval. As examples, we may cite the automatic textual annotation of images based on similarities between visual signatures or the propagation of textual annotations relying on the interaction between textual ontologies and visual ontologies. We also investigate methods that allow automatic textual annotation from visual content analysis. This part of our research activities is yet another solution for the reduction of the "semantic gap".


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