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Section: Dissemination


As part of our work in vehicular communications we served as session chairs, in technical committees, in panels of a number of events, and we also proposed sessions held in a number of ITS conferences, including the ITS in Europe conference. In addition to TPCs we participated actively, we also provided reviews for various journals and conferences.

Thierry Ernst is in charge of the thematic group LaRA-COM within the LaRA joint research unit with CAOR at Ecole des Mines de Paris and is working on IPv6-based communications and routing applied to ITS. This year he participated to various panel sessions, gave keynotes speeches at several conferences, served in a number of TPCs, provided reviews for various journal and conference papers. He is involved in several european and national projects related to IPv6 (CVIS, GeoNet, MobiSEND) that he largely contributed to set up. His IPv6 expertise was requested in many occasions in standardization bodies and forums (IETF, ISO, Car-to-Car Communication Consortium, COMeSafety, ETSI, European Commission's action plan on IPv6). As part of his dissemination activities related to IPv6, he is in charge of the IPv6 Task Force France since September 2006 and is secretary of the G6 association since July 2007. As such, he was interviewed by several journalists. Thierry Ernst also entertains international relations with several labs, and particularly with Keio Univeristy, University of Tokyo, and the WIDE organization in Japan (he is a WIDE member) and NICTA in Australia.

Guy Fayolle is scientific advisor at the Robotics laboratory of Mines ParisTech. is an editor of the journal Markov Processes and Related Fields . He is also member of the working group IFIP WG 7.3 , which has about a 150 elected persons from scientific communities interested in various aspect of system modeling and performance evaluation. He accepted the invitation (july 2008) of Pr. Clancey to become a reviewer for Mathematical Reviews . Guy Fayolle has been invited speaker at the conference 5e Rencontre de Statistiques Mathématiques , Bosantouval (33470 France), 3-5 june 2009. His talk Scalings an hydrodynamic limits for multi-type exclusion processes via functional integration could not be presented for medical reasons.

Arnaud de La Fortelle participated to various panels and seminars. He served in IEEE ON-MOVE and WNEPC TPCs. He is member of the AHB30 committee within the TRB. He is member of the national geographic committee (Static and Dynamic Positioning). He is deputy member of the scientific and technical committee of the pôles de compétitivité MTA and Véhicules du futur. He is in charge of the JRU LaRA gathering Mines Paris and INRIA, with a third member, LIVIC, joining in 2008 and organized the scientific exchanges.

Jean-Marc Lasgouttes has been reviewer for applied mathematics journals QUESTA and European Journal of Operational Research . He organizes the semi-regular seminar “Probabilité, Optimisation, Contrôle”, which takes place in Rocquencourt, in collaboration with the Max-Plus project-team.

Fawzi Nashashibi is a scientific advisor at the Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Brest (ENIB). He is a peer reviewer for many national and international journals and conferences. This year, he is member of the Program Committee of the ICRA'09 international conference on advanced robotics. He is also an expert-reviewer in the domains of “intelligent transportation systems” and “virtual and mixed reality” for the french ANR and PREDIT institutions in charge of selecting and financing french competitive projects. He is member of the FUDOLO Group steering the research activities in the field of vehicle real-time 3D localization on roads.


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